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According to our records, you recently contacted GoEngineer regarding technical phone support.  We would appreciate it if would take a couple minutes to complete the below questionnaire.  Thank you for your attention to this matter so that we can better our service.



Techs Name:

Name (first and Last):

Company name:


Email address:

Was your call returned promptly? (When Applicable)

Expertise of Tech

Communication between you and technician

Over all satisfaction with GoEngineer Technical Support

Are you interested in information on training?


How is your SolidWorks implementation progressing?  If bad, what are the issues?  If good, when do you expect to expand the implementation?


Are you using a PDM tool to manage your SolidWorks files?  If yes, which one?  If no, would you be interested in some information on data management solution?


Are you interested in expanding SolidWorks into the area of FEA, Kinematics or CAM?  If yes, which specific discipline are you interested in?



Thank you!

Note: If your browser doesn't support forms or you have any questions, please email me.

***We believe strongly in your right not to receive unsolicited commercial E-mail. We will not give your E-mail address to any outside party without your consent. ***

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