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Tips & Tricks Class Sign-Up Form

The class is held from 6PM-9PM and covers one main topic and whatever questions are generated by the attendees.  The class generates its own flow and each is different.  It’s a different type of “class”.  It’s a good environment with everyone wanting to be there and grasp anything they would like to learn.

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1.      What is the cost of the class?

2.       Is there a limit on how many people can come?

3.       Is it “hands-on”?



















1.   Cost FREE for subscription customers and $79.00 to non subscription customers

2.   We limit the class to about 20 people.  There are 12 computers so some just watch and some share.

3.   Some is “hands-on” and some is watch and ask questions it depends on what the people attending need at that time.







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